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Promoting Public Trust

I believe trust is paramount. The Assessor’s office must be a secure place where mutual respect between employees and residents thrives. Employees should be approachable and speak clearly for everyone to understand property valuation. Open communication will streamline processes and increase satisfaction for all parties. Moreover, I strive for accountability in every employee’s work. Great organizations prioritize accountability, and I hold my team to a standard that the public can be proud of.

Sparking Innovation

Let’s become the Assessor’s office that everyone looks up to. I want to refresh our processes with a new perspective to provide excellent customer service to Utah County residents. I constantly challenge the process because innovation leads to progress. For example, electric light was invented in 1802, but it took decades of trial and error to create a lightbulb that lasted for hours. Today, we use LED bulbs. Similarly, we need to innovate and work smarter to collect and analyze property valuation data. The advancement of data sciences and technology will pave the way for success.

Creating Growth and Opportunity

Creating growth and opportunity for our employees is a top priority. I want to leverage my experience and position to help them achieve greatness in their work and personal fulfillment. The 4 principles of individual improvement, namely direction, accountability, evaluation, and education, are essential to create significant results. We are either growing or diminishing, getting better or worse. I encourage employees to keep learning and gaining new experiences to enhance their skills in data collection and analysis. Our office’s ultimate goal is to serve our community.

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For Utah County Assessor

Keven was born in Payson and lived there until he graduated high school and went to the University of Utah.  Keven worked his way through college. He has always been an active member of his community. He served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Canada. He has always sought opportunities to help other people. 

With a young family, he and his wife bought their first home in West Valley. One of the family’s core values is to give to others. As he was both working and studying full-time there was not much extra time or money. One year they received a ham from work as a Christmas bonus.  He and his wife bought a few other groceries for a Christmas dinner, then took their kids to put the box of food on the porch of a single mother in the neighborhood, knocked, and ran away to remain anonymous.  They’ve always felt it is important to teach their family and to be examples of serving and giving to others.

Giving has always been a large part of Keven’s life and in turn his family’s lives. Keven has a wife of 33 years and 4 wonderful children. All have grown up and are on their own making a difference in the lives of people around them.


Growing up on a farm, Keven learned many life lessons about dependability and the value of hard work.  He entered the Airforce Reserves out of high school and became a medical supply specialist.  He later served as a medic in the Army National Guard.  The military taught him discipline and how to work as a team.  Keven studied Computer Engineering at the University of Utah. As a student and a young father, he worked his way up to front-end manager at Smith’s Food and Drug.  This was his first experience in management and he learned the importance of good customer service.

After college, Keven and his wife, Allison, moved to the Seattle area to be closer to her family. Keven went to work at a bank as an appraiser. He quickly learned the craft of single-family home valuation and within 3 years started managing a group of appraisers at the bank.  This was a dream job full of puzzle solving and customer service. In addition, he has always been an active member of his community. He coached youth soccer for 15 years in various levels from recreational to club level competitions.

Keven is a leader in the appraisal industry. He was transferred from Seattle to South Jordan as a Regional Appraisal Leader covering the states of Utah and Idaho.  His team went from having the worst turnaround times and customer service to being the best in the division.

With the banking meltdown of 2008, the smaller bank was purchased and re-sold to Wells Fargo who then let the entire region’s appraisal staff go.  Keven found the opportunity and went to work at the Utah County Assessor’s office as the Chief Deputy Assessor. The pattern of success continued as his primary responsibility was the residential side of the department. Keven learned the duties and roles of mass appraisal and started managing the group to achieve more than what they thought was possible.  After 6 years of service Keven went back into the private sector as an appraiser. He started serving on appraisal boards including the Utah Association of Appraisers.  He served as Treasurer, Vice-President, and President of the Association in the 7 years that he actively served on the board. 

Keven has continued his service to the community through his time on the Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board. Appointed by Governor Gary Herbert in 2017, he is one of four appraisers currently appointed and serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board. He is also one of four people in the state certified to teach the required course on the rules and regulations of appraisal, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Keven runs his own appraisal business and spends time teaching and training others to become appraisers and educating homeowners on the appraisal process.  

Keven’s core strengths are integrity, accountability, leadership, efficiency and service.


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